Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jorge Zamora, the Owner of Fraudulent Physical Therapy Company Pleads Guilty to Medicare Fraud Scheme


WASHINGTON – A Miami-area resident and owner of a fraudulent physical therapy company in Lakeland, Fla., pleaded guilty today for his role in a scheme to defraud Medicare, the Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services (HHS) announced.

Jorge Zamora, 48, pleaded guilty before U.S. Magistrate Judge Mark A. Pizzo in Tampa, Fla., to one count of conspiracy to commit health care fraud.

According to court documents, Zamora was an owner of Dynamic Therapy Inc. Zamora and his co-conspirators purchased Dynamic from its previous owners, and transformed it into a fraudulent enterprise. Dynamic purported to provide physical therapy services to Medicare beneficiaries, but in reality used the stolen identities of a physical therapist and scores of patients to bill Medicare for physical therapy services that were never provided.

According to court documents, from fall 2009 to summer 2010, Zamora and his co-conspirators submitted and caused the submission of $757,654 in fraudulent claims to the Medicare program by Dynamic. Zamora admitted that he and his co-conspirators submitted claims to Medicare for physical therapy services that were never provided.

Three officers of Dynamic Therapy also have pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit health care fraud.

At sentencing, Zamora faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. A sentencing date has not been set.

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